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Friday, October 1, 2010

Tyler Book
The Mentor Leader
By Tony Dungy
Pg. 80

My book is different from a lot of books. It doesn't really have a setting. The Mentor Leader mostly talks about the principles of leadership. There isn't a lot of setting in this book. It is informational, but Tony Dungy tells stories to help get his point across, so if there is a setting in one section, it will most likely change in the near future. In one of Dungy's stories, the Colts football team is at their stadium signing autographs on fan day. Other times it talks about their times in practice or Dungy's previous coaching job in Tampa Bay. The setting isn't a huge part of this book, and it changes often, so I don't think that it would affect the book if the setting changed. It talks about general principles that work for all people and is more of a teaching book than a story, so if the setting changed, the principles would still stay the same, unless maybe it was a different culture with completely different values.


  1. Have you ever been there? Or met him? Is it all about his leadership qualities?

  2. I read the other Tony Dungy book, Quiet Strength. It didn't have a setting either. Doesn't it seem like these posts are made for fiction books? A change might need to be made.


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