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Friday, October 29, 2010

Tyler Allison. October twenty nineth, two-thousand and ten.


Anthony Horowitz

Pg 50.

The main charater in my book is Alex Rider. If i were to change him to an animal i think i would change him too a tiger. Tigers are a very fast animal that can attack almost anything and kill it. They are also sneaky though because they have to sneak up to their pray. A tiger is a killer that can fend for itself and do harm to other animals if it needs too. Alex is a very phisically fit kid. He is strong and very agile. If alex needs to be sneaky he can be. Also is alex is in any danger he can most likley get out of it because he is very defensive and knows how to fight. The other characters in my book are Mrs. Jones and Allan Blunt. they are MI6 agents that work in offices all day. i would compare them both too an owl. They can be vicious if they need to be but they are very smart and dont come out a lot.

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