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Monday, October 25, 2010

Million-Dollar Throw
Mike Lupica
Pg. 103
I would choose a mole for Abby because they cant see very well. I also picture Abby to be a small figure, but not fat. Nate would be a deer because they have there good and bad days. Deers either get shot, or shot at. Nate has a bad game. Deers make another day. Nate has his good games. For Nates parents I would choose rabbits because once you touch a baby rabbit, the parents dont really care as much. Nats parents are there, but it rellly does not seem like it much. Thats all the main characters for now anyways.


  1. I did not know that moles could not see very well, that is interesting! I like the part you put about the deer saying they have their good days and bad days because it is very true! Nate seems to be the type of person that you could not predict because every game he plays different he is either going to be on or off, I think this is ture about a lot of people while they are doing a sporting event. Either you are on, or you are not. Is Nate not very close with his parents? It seems like he is not because they are not really there for him when he is in trouble it seems like. Hope you enjoy the rest of your book!

  2. Why are Nate's parents not involved with his life? Do they just not care about him very much or is there another reason that for them not to care that happened earlier in Nate's life?


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