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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Prince of Dreams

Paige Boston
Prince Of Dreams
by Lisa Kleypas
pg 291

If I was to replace the main characters in this book as animals, I would make Prince Nikolas Angelovsky a tiger and Emma Stokehurst/Angelovsky a wolf. Nikolas is compared to a tiger numerous times throughout the book, both in his physical and mental characteristics. He is large and strong, with yellowish eyes and long, golden colored hair. He is considered dangerous and is feared by many for his harsh, cold manner, yet people are still fascinated by him and want to get close to him. He tries to conceal his emotions and dominate others, but only Emma brings out his true nature. Emma is independent and strong willed like a wolf, and pursues causes that everyone else scorns, such as animal rights. She can be gentle and affectionate, and when she is happy she enjoys surrounding herself with people. When she is angry, she verbalizes her emotions and isolates herself from others like a lone wolf.

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  1. I really like your analogies of the characters. How would the book change if these people were actually animals? Could these characters be described as different animals? Maybe certain traits of multiple animals?


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