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Friday, October 8, 2010

quarter 1 blog 7?

Aly Tekippe
Life as we knew it
Susan Beth Pfeffer

The main character in my book is Miranda. She is 16 yearas old and like most people her age, is stuck up and argues with her mother. She likes boys and shopping and talking with her friends. After an astroid hit the moon, the world fell apart and people died from earthquakes, floods, and volcano eruptions. This has changed the weather and now and it is cold Miranda is forced to stay in a room with her family so they can all stay warm with no water or power. Miranda has changed alot in the last few months becuase of this global event. She has grown up and has had to watch her friends die. She is now a tougher person than she was before. She can handle the world and what it throws at her.

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  1. Aly, i like your blog man. My sisters are like miranda and sometimes emily is like her too. i hope that one day they will grow up and mature without an astroid having to hit the earth.



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