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Friday, October 29, 2010

Aly Tekippe

The things they carried

by Tim O'Brian

pg 128, october 29th

In my book the main character is telling a story about the Veitnam war. He tells of all of the things he and his squad did and saw. If I could change the people in my book to animals I would chose the main character Tim to be a turtle. He seems to not do anything except tell stories and i think turtles are very boring. Jimmy is the leader in Nam, so he would be a bear. He is strong but sometimes he doesnt know if his thoughts areright for the squad. Dave would be a snake. He is quick and very sneaky when it comes to war. All of the people have the same feeing that the natives are not human and they are partanimal.

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  1. Hey aly! i like your thoughts. I think that your descriptions are good and the animals fit the character well. I think the type of animal you would be is a dinosoar of any kind because you use to like those things and i can just see it.



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