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Monday, October 25, 2010

Quarter 2 blog

Tell No One
Harlan Coben
End of Book

I would label the main character Beck as a regular house dog. He's a doctor so it would be a dog of high standards, but he's just a regular guy to everyone that comes in contact with him. However, he is also a person who buries his secrets and covers his tracks, just like a dog would do when burying a bone. He would represent a dog well because on the outside he seems perfectly normal, but inside there is a lot more going on that no one knows about. His wife would be a fly. She can disappear without a trace, but when she wants to be noticed, she annoys those that want her gone, or in her case, dead. A fly is also sneaky as it goes from one place to another and also very adaptable to those surroundings. Beck's wife does this very well as she disappears and reappears after eight years.

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