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Monday, October 18, 2010

Nicholas Morrison
English III blog
Over and Under
I chose this book because it looked easy to make a video about. I do think that it is 'going as I expected'. The setting is an easy one to come up with and the characters are normal boys.


  1. Now thats a good reason to choose a book. Doing to trailers a quarter is a lot. If we were a year ahead we would only be doing one but we got the shaft end of the deal. What is "Over and Under'' about? I hope you can actually enjoy it and not have read it for just the movie part because then it will make the movie harder.

  2. It's good that the setting is easy to create because with a lot of books its hard to find a place to film them in Earlham. Also having the characters as "normal" people will make finding people to play the parts even easier. I do agree with Jake though about it being hard to make a trailer about a book you didn't enjoy. If you didn't like the book that will probably show in the tailer, making other people dislike the video. Hopefully it ends up as a good book and goes as you expect it to.

  3. I think that is a good thing to look for when picking a book, because if its hard to make a video about it then it won't be as fun to read. That was a good thing to think of.

  4. You would Nick. But i guess you do have to think about making the video at the end. The book sounds so simple, so goodluck. You will have to tell me if you liked it. What is your book even about?


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