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Friday, October 29, 2010

By Jonathan Kellerman
pg. 1 to 81

If I had to choose an animal and replace Frank Dollard with the animal, I would choose a koala. In the book it says "Dollard appeared untroubled, meaty arms at his sides, mouth serene under the tobaccoed gray mustache. His eyes were slits, but they'd been that way at the main gate." I think a koala is untroubled and is easygoing. I interpreted that quote as a reference to Dollard being easy going.

If I had to choose an animal and replace Richard Nixon with the animal, I would choose a bear. In the book it says "Towering, yellow-haired, grizzled, a listing mountain in khaki twill, he limped closer." I think a bear is a towering animal and it says that Richard was towering. I also picked a bear because Richard gets mad in the book and they have to try to calm him down, and when a bear gets mad, not much can calm it down.

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  1. Do you think that Frank Dollard is faced with problems in the book that could change the animal you see him as? I think that you picked a good animal for him, because the Koalas fur would look the same color as his moustache, and your quote fits very well. The same goes for Richard Nixon because the quote says that he is "grizzled".


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