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Monday, October 25, 2010

Over and Under
by Todd Tucker
pg. 93
If I were to replace the two main characters, who are both boys about 15 years old, I would probably have them be little birds. They are always finding everything out and sneaking into places that they shouldn't be in to. For example, when the workers of a major factory are on strike, two of the strikers blow up a section of the factory. The two boys had never expected to see this happen when they had decided to sneak out of the house that night.


  1. I do not really know what to say to this. Is it a good book? The sneaking around and being venterous sound good, but if you would pick little birds for the characters, that does not make it sound very good. You are only on page 93 so maybe it will be real good. I have always wanted to witness a strike, just to see what they are like.

  2. I was expecting something a little larger than a bird to represent two teenage guys. However I do agree that birds are capable of getting into things they shouldn't. I think that a it was really ironic that when they snuck out they happened to see an explosion. Were they sneaking out to see something else and just happened to see an explosion? or were they actually just going to watch the strike at night?


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