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Friday, October 29, 2010

A Perfect Snow
By: Nora Martin
pg. finished book

Tabitha Payne

I would put the main character Ben Campbell as a Lion. He can be really mean and hurtful but by the end of the book he was calm and had changed. With lions they can be mean but they also can lay around like a house cat and do nothing. I think his girlfriend Eden is like a hamster. They have energy and are outgoing but at the same time they are always calm and cool. Eden was outgoing and very energetic but when she was with Ben she was calm and very down to earth. Ben's brother David would be a snake. He was nice in the beginning but by the end he was so evil and a bad influence that he was like a snake because he was quiet when he snuck around but the bad influence part would be the venom of the snake because he hurt a lot of people. The other main character Jason is mean and has a bad attitude but at the end of the book he had changed into a nice kid and got along with everyone I would descride him as a doberman pincher. They can be really mean but if cared for right and trained right they can be really nice.

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