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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quarter 2, Blog 1

Alyson Noel
pg. 1-280

Shadowland is the 3rd book in the Immortal Series. I chose this book because I wanted to continue reading this series. The books out of this series so far have been exciting and suspenseful. It is hard to put these books down once you begin reading them. I was excited to learn what was going to happen next in Ever's life after reading the 2nd book. I have already read a good chunk of this book and have loved every page. The plot is suspenseful and every turn of the page keeps you guessing. The author keeps you reading to figure out how the book will end, and I like that very much. The book keeps you guessing all the way through and pieces of Ever's life slowly start to unfold. I definitely like this book so far.

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