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Friday, October 29, 2010

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Rachel Crouch
Cross by James Patterson
In my book there are about three really important characters. There is Cross, who used to work on murder cases but eventually gave it up after his wife was murdered. There is the Butcher, who is one of the many psychos that Cross had been trying to put away while he was on the force. Finally there is Sampson, Cross's old partner who has been asking for his help lately on a case he can't crack. If I had to make these guys into animals I would have to make Cross into a fox because he is very clever and able to get what he needs. The Butcher would have to be a koala bear because he seems like a kind guy but he will really rip you to shreds when he gets the chance. Sampson would have to be a bear because he's he's a big guy but he's smart too. None of the guys in my book are really who they seem to be like these animals.

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