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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Da Vinci Code
Dan Brown
Pg. 325

There are a few main characters in the book. Robert Langdon, Sophie Neveau, Silas, and Bezu Fache. If I were to compare Robert Langdon to an animal I would compare him to a chimp because he is very smart. He is a symbology teacher at Harvard and he knows pretty much everything about history. Chimps are very smart and would be a good fit to Langdon. Sophie Neveau could be compared to a fox because she helps Robert Langdon escape difficult scenarios and is very sneaky. She helped Robert escape from the Louve after Bezu Fache tried to accuse him of murdering the museum curator. Foxes are sneaky and it would fit her well. Silas is most like a tiger. He spends all of his time hunting down people and killing them. He is always by himself and that is how tigers hunt. Bezu Fache is like a bear. He uses force to get everything he wants and he tries to hunt Robert Langdon. He is the chief of the police and a bear is like the "chief" of the woods.

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