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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Skeleton Key
Anthony Horowitz
pg 134

Alex, I would replace with a lion. He is courageous and strong, and has catlike reflexes. I would replace Jack Starbright with a bird because she always seems to be squawking. Jack is always upset when Alex is drug back into the spy business and honestly wishes he would just say no to MI6. Mr. Blunt would be a turtle. He is slow and unemotional while Mrs. Jones would be a horse because she is easily spooked. Sabina would be replaced with a kitten. She is kind, playful, and oh so curious about Alex's other life.

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  1. Why is Jack always upset with Alex being drug into the spy business? Is it bad that Alex is in the spy business? Awe...I love kittens...Sabina must be a pretty awesom person!


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