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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Whatever happened to Janie By Carolyn B. Coony

If I had to change the characters to animals , I would change Janie into a llama because she tends to get mad easily like llamas do. I would change the "parents" to dogs because they are very protective of Janie.
Sarah-Charlotte would be changed into a donkey because she wants to have all the attention all the time.
This would make the story a lot more interesting for teenagers because they will be able to put it from their point of view.  Meaning the characters would figure out how to deal with each situation based on the description. For instance, Janie lost her temper over cookies and the whole thing turned into a fight between her "siblings" The parents are over protective of Janie in many ways, for example they hardly let her call her real parents on the phone because she doesn't live with them anymore.  Sarah-Charlotte is Janie's friend who wants to be the center of attention. She wants to be the popular girl in school by "acting up". Janie often has an attitude problem through out portions of the book.  In many ways she's like an average teenager, but in other ways she is totally different from the average teenager because of the way she deals with everyday situations.

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