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Monday, October 18, 2010

Nineteen Minutes
Jodi Picoult
Pg. 105

I chose to read this book because a lot of people I know have read it and they said they liked the book a lot. Also, I have heard that Jodi Picoult was a very good writer as well. She got an award for this book it was the New York Times Best Seller, so I knew it would be worth to read. So, by knowing all of this I decided to read it because it sounded like a very good book! My friends said the book was about a school shooting and how everyone deals with their losses and what to do with the criminal who started the shooting. I thought it might be interesting to read this book because you could see what the people would do in the situation when someone was killed and how they deal with everything all at once. You also get to see the point of view of the shooter and how he reacts to the whold situation. So far this book is what I had expected it to be, it is filled with suspense, love, bullying, and also friendship. So, overall this book has been very good and it is hard to put down sometimes because I get so caught up in the book because it gets very suspenseful!

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