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Monday, October 25, 2010

19 Minutes
Jodi Picoult
Pg. 324

I would classify Peter as a mouse because he is a very quiet boy and is always getting bullied. He attempts to try to run away from the bullies, but he never succeeds. The bullies in this book I would classify as cats (Drew Griard, Matthew Royston, John Eberhard, Emma Alexis, Maddie Shaw and Courtney Ignatio) they are always bullying someone. Not necessarily Peter all of the time, but other "geeks" as well. Cats always chase around mice, so that is why I think they would a cat would be the best fit for those characters. I would consider Josie a chicken because she is afraid of being friends with Peter because she is afraid of what he friends might think of her. Chickens always have a tendancy to run away from people coming towards them, well Josie had the same problem because she runs away from Peter because she is afraid of being judged by her friends. I would say that Alex Cormier (Josie's Mom) would be a horse because she is a very dominant person and gets what she wants. Horses are very big and can tromple over almost anything, since Alex is a judge she has control over what happens in the case she is dealing with, just like how horses have control over whatever they want because they are such a big animal. Lacey (Peter's Mom) would be an ant because she is a very small person and is afraid to stand up to other people. While ants do not want to be killed they hide in small cracks so that no one can find them, Lacey does this by hiding in her house not wanting to talk to anyone about her son and the killings he had done at Sterling High School.

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