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Friday, October 8, 2010

Quarter 1...Blog 6

Tyler Allison
Ark Angel
Anthony Horowitz
pg. 120?- 223

Alex Rider is the main character in my book. This is hard to talk about because this is like the 5th book in the Rider series and alex hasnt changed that much in this book. in the first book he changed from being a normal kid to a spy. This was a very dirastic change and it changed his whole life style. Now in this book he has already developed who he is and how he acts. He is a very cautious, smart, physically fit boy. He likes adventrue although sometimes it might get him killed. He never back down to a challenge. sometimes he seccond guesses himself and has doubts but he always goes through with the right thing. Alex is a great character and i think that he will keep evolving and becoming better.


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  1. I read tha book back in the day, and you hit it on the head. You always make great posts.


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