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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Letters to God
Patrick Doughtie & John Perry
Pg. 193
I believe that Ty has changed the most. He went from being such an energetic child, and then he got very ill. He started having very bad headaches and he was vomiting often. His mother took him to the doctor and they found out that he had brain cancer. He went from being so happy all the time and then suddenly he was terrified. He went through surgery and chemo and has been recovering well. To him, it seemed like all of this happened very quickly. He did not know what to expect, nor did his mother. Ty's personality did not change very much because he has always been a happy, outgoing, and active boy, but the things about him were changing that he could not do anything about. Ty has been brave through the whole process, and he is slowly healing after his body's drastic change.

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