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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Notebook

The character i think the most who has changed in the book is alli. She has changed since she is engaged and she she quit drawing and doing her favorite things. But when she sees noah everything changes she wants to do all that stuff. And her whole life goes away when she is with noah she forgets aboout her finance and is off in this whole other world.


  1. Do you think that Alli has fallen in love? Was true love at first sight? I think that Alli has fallen for Noah, but it sounds like she is timid and doesn't know how to tell him.

  2. I think Alli is blinded by love. She needs to hold it together and stay true to herself. I think Noah is a jerk and she needs to find another guy. Alli has changed quite a bit in this book.

  3. sound like it is first sight because she doesnt do anything.


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