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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sydney Boyle
Hide and Seek
Jane McFann

Lissa is sixteen and feels like her father does not love her; she is like a lost puppy looking for a home. Constantly she tries to get his attention, but he never even cares to notice her. She tries to impress him and become like what she thinks is an ideal daughter and every time she fails. Her father is a painter and is constantly working on his masterpieces which allows no time for his family and/or other activities. He locks himself in the barn and when he does emerge he is either stressed or crabby. I would compare Lissa's father to a rat on the move. He thinks only of himself and is always on a mission to create more for him. His life revolves around money and food. Other than that nothing else really matters in her father's life.

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  1. That would be hard to have a father thats never around, or one that doesn't care. Is her father like a famous painter and does she have a mother?


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