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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Amber Logemann
Night in Rodanthe
By: Nicholas Sparks

The main character in my book is Adrienne Willis, who is a middle-aged divorced woman. She has four kids and spends some of her time working at the library to get an income, but mostly at home watching over her teens. Adrienne is like a mother bear; she spends all of her time looking after her kids and protecting them from danger. Another character in this book is Paul Flannery. He is one of the top surgeons in the nation and spends all of his time working. His wife and son leave him because he's never around anymore. I would describe Paul as a bee. Like a bee he works all the time to provide food and necessities for his family. The only time he isn't working is when he's eating or sleeping even then he doesn't spend too much time doing those things.


  1. I would never have chosen a bee. But now that you did, it makes sense. Good pick!
    Do you like this author? I don't really like his books, but I love his movies.

  2. Hanna: Why do you like the movies better than the books?


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