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Friday, October 22, 2010

Soldier Boy
Brian Burks

I choose this book cause it looked a little intresting and also it wasn't that long. It delt with army kind of stuff and boxing. Which i herd about this and i thought it would bhe a good book for me to read. This book was all that i thought it would be. It had some if the stuff like i was saying earlier with the army and boxing. But for the boxing so far there is only to fighting sceans. From that it all about these two kids who joins the army and it wasn't what they thought it wouldn be like. They didn't have a great life. So they dacides to join the army. So ya it did come from what i expected but I wish there would be more to it.


  1. sounds really interesting. Do you like the war type books with lots of fighting? by the way you suck at spelling.

  2. Thanks for putting me down on my spelling Isaac. But i just choose a book that i found a book that was really short.


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