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Friday, October 29, 2010

shelby werts

Just Listen
Sarah Dessen
Pg. 145
Annabell, would be a bunny. She seems innocent, but really she listens to everything that is said around her when she's not supposed to listen. Kristen would be a little bird. She has an eating disorder, and bird don't eat much but seed. She used to be the size of a normal teenage girl and now she looks like a skeleton and has a sunken in face. Whitney would be an opossum because she worries about things that she has no control over and she , in a way, plays dead. Their parents would be like Mama Bear and Popa Bear. They care about their cubs and would do anything for them.

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  1. I really liked this book. Did you like it? I loved how Sarah Dessen set it up. I really enjoy her books. They are very intriquing and drag me into the story. I always find myself comparing the characters to me. I can usually pick out some characteristics that are similar to mine. It makes me want to read them even more.


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