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Friday, October 29, 2010

One Mississippi

By: Mark Childress


My main character is Daniel Musgrove. A kid from the North who has moved to the South. A kid transferring from night, to day. A kid going from white to black, literally. Daniel went from living in the almost all caucasian state of Indiana, to Mississippi, a state dominated by blacks. This is why I would compare Daniel to a chameleon. When people think chameleon they always think how it can change colors to match it's surroundings. It's a very adaptive animal. It changes to match it's environment. Daniel has had to adapt to his environment many times, because his dad's job is always moving. The ways of life in each of these places are worlds away it seems to their previous home. Daniel is a great chameleon.

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  1. i can't but agree with your choice in animals. I would have chosen the same species and genus. Excellent writing skills and good comprehension of your book. Simply phenomenal. But when does the book say he actually changed to his surroundings?


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