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Friday, October 8, 2010

Quarter 1 blog6

The Girl Who loved Tom Gordon
Stephen King
end of book

Trish McFarland was the main character in the book and also the character that changed the most. She gets lost for a week in the woods so she changes in many ways. Her maturity level skyrockets because she has to fend for herself. She is only nine-years old and she has to keep herself fed and warm. She also gains more respect for the beauty of the woods. Mainly, she realizes that even though her family has many flaws, she is very lucky to have two parents and a brother. Her determination creates a change in her that stays around even after she leaves the woods.

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  1. does she just go into the woods by herself, or is there more reasoning for her to go? I think that a week in the woods doesn't seem that long, but at 9 years old it would be hard since you don't know enough to be independant. since you finished the book, how would you rate it?


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