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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chads Blog

I would replace both main characters with hyenas because they are strong willed and "hunt" together or help each other if needed. They both get done what needs done and do a great job with it. They never give up at what they do and get it done. They work odd hours of the day whenever they are needed. They work together greatly and both benefit from each others knowledge. They feed off of each other success. One of them will find information by interviewing someone and then the other one will get more information and they will share it and get the job done faster, or get to the bottom of the story faster. They will help each other at any time of the day, she called him and came to his house at three in the morning to give him important information.

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  1. what do the main characters have to work together for? what are there tasks to do?


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