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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The song of a humpback whale by jodi picoult

In book I think that Rebbecca has changed because in the begining when they talked about how she doesn't remember any of the plane crash when she was little. I thought i was more she didn't want to or didn't want to talk about when her parents asked her what happen or how she felt about it.
But now at age 15 she visits where the plane crash and it all comes back to her like she can't forget kinda of like she knew along it was a big part of her life and she is reliezeing that great that she lived. That she was the one out of 5 people to suruvie the crash. So throughout the book i think she changes her mind on the whole deal and learns that it was important in her life and what happened and how she felt can't be just something little that is put behind her.

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