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Monday, November 1, 2010

Million-Dollar Throw
Mike Lupica
Pg. 147
This book is told from a third person point of view. The narrator tells the story, but the narrator only follows one person. (he, they she it). The tone is effected because you only know one persons tone or mood so you do not feel anything else, but what that one person feels. Plot is effected by the reader only knowing one side to every story, or how the one person feels. The story is told from Nate's perspective so as a reader, we really do not know how Abby feels or the coaches. Even Nates' parents. It does not bother me a whole lot other than that i wish we could know how Abby really feels about Nate. It would be nice to know.


  1. I think that the book would seem very boring since it's in 3rd person and only follows one person. That is pretty dumb. It would make the book very un-intersting.

  2. It needs more point of views like mine. What sport is this one about?

  3. I think the book would be boring. Third person point of vew would suck to read i think. I think it would be dumb just reading aboutone person point of veiw.

  4. Do you think if the book was told so you got the views of other characters that it would change how you felt about the book? I would like to know about everyone's opinion especially in a sports book because teammates often think differently about situations.


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