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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Somewhere Between Life and Death
Lurlene McDaniel
pg. 33

This story is told in third person. This allows there to be several different tones, and several different tones are used. The narrator usually gives Erin the tone of being annoyed or disrupted, especially when her sister Amy is involved. Amy's tone is usually laid back and the narrator usually makes it seem like she doesn't care a whole lot about what is going on and she would rather play everything by ear instead of having plans. The tone of the story does affect the plot because you can tell by the tones of Erin and Amy's voices that they are sisters and they have problems getting along everyday. They obviously annoy eachother and get on eachother's nerves, but you can also tell that they are really caring about eachother. The plot hasn't been to much yet though since I'm not to far in my book. I like reading it in third person since there is two main characters. If it was in first person it would make reading the book a little less enjoyable since it would be more confusing to read.

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