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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Rescue By Nicholas Sparks, Page # 1-105

My book is about how a mom and her son got into a car crash. When Denise, the mother, awoke she found a guy, Taylor, that was there to help her out, but her son, kyle, was no where to be found. There was a terrible storm going on. The sky was dark other then the flashes of the lightning. All you could her was the sound of the rain pouring down and the thunder. I would say that the antagonist was the storm and the swamp, because those were the things that made it difficult for everyone to find kyle. Kyle had ran off after the crash. He was scared of the storm and was trying to get as far away from it. There was a lot of people that came by to come try to help find Kyle, who was lost in a dangerous swamp with a huge storm going on, and it was getting cold outside. All Denise wanted was for the people to find her little boy. She so badly wanted him to be alive and safe and back in her arms. She couldn't do anything about it because she had to go the hospital because she was badly hurt after the crash. After hours and hours of searching, Taylor the guy who found Denise, and the guy who was also one of the people that was searching for Kyle in the dangerous swamp, was also the guy who found Kyle hiding in a duck blind. Once Denise had her little boy back in her arms, all safe, and alive, she was very satisfied the outcome of the night.

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  1. I like how the antagonist of your book is the storm. It seems like something interesting to read about instead of a character causing the problems. Would you rather read about a thing or a character that is causing the main conflicts in the book?


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