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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


John Feinstein
pg. done

There isn't really a "bad" character. There are pretty much just two kids that are searching for an answer. How the are going about finding this answer is perfectly fine. They are doing nothing bad or anything that will offend anyone. The ending is perfect they find the answer they want and do it without harming anyone, except the people they accuse of doing something they shouldn't. The answer they find satisfies the both of them.


  1. There has to be some kind of internal conflict then... Something has to happen to cause a problem otherwise there would be no plot. Maybe one of the characters has an issue they are struggling with themselves?

  2. I agree with Emily, and what Mrs. Sheffield said to me the other day, every book has a conflict. The conflict could even be the struggle with finding what ever they are looking for. I dont know, im sure there is something. I do not quite remember but isnt this book about football? Let me know if its good.


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