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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Skeleton Key
Anthony Horowitz
pg 215

General Sarov basically wants to take over the world. There is nothing more to it. He is a retired General from Russia and saw the fall of the Soviet Union. He wants to restore the power, not just to Russia, but to himself. He was once great but now he has been under the radar, or so he thought. The CIA has been keeping tabs on him and Sarov has been linked to a man called The Salesman. The reader, but not the CIA know that this is because Sarov has bought uranium from him and is also responsible for The Salesman's death. So Sarov wants to rule the world. He plans on doing this with some sort of bomb. Would the ends justify the means? I believe he would be completely satisfied if he actually got to rule the world but he is a maniac for ever thinking that to be possible. I don't think he has a chance, but if he got what he wanted, he would be ecstatic.

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  1. I would agree! No one ends up taking over the world. Not unless it is like a movie or something...Anyways....It sounds like he would be ecstatic if this happened. Does it say how he is going to gain power? Like how does he plan to achieve this goal of 'ruling the world'?


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