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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quarter 2, Blog 3

Dark Flame
Alyson Noel
pg. 151

The point of view in my book is in 1st person, Ever is telling the story. The reader gets her thoughts, what she thinks about others, and how she thinks others react. But the one thing cool about Ever's point of view, is that she can read people's minds, so you hear exactly what other people think at points. This makes the book interesting at all times. It keeps the reader engaged and wanting to read more. The plot is affected by this because Ever can tell what people are thinking about doing or what people are thinking. She can make decisions based on other's thoughts. Ever is very emotional so the tone is definitely affected by her point of view. She can be happy or excited one moment and then angry the next. The reader really gets the affect of her tone because of the her point of view. Overall, the book being in her point of view makes the book very interesting.


  1. I feel like this point of view is good for this book. Ever's emotions set the stage for the plot well. Do you think it would be a bad thing if it was in another point of view.

  2. Does it ever get confusing being able to read about each person thoughts and knwoing what Ever thinks about them? It sounds like a really interseting book the way you described it.

  3. I loved the books before this one. Have you read the other ones? ever is an amasing character. I wish she were real. Where did you get this one at? I have been looking for it forever. lol


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