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Monday, November 29, 2010

In These Girls, Hope Is A Muscle
Madeleine Blais
Pg. 38

I would compare this book to Friday Night Lights I read one summer. They both are related to sports which is what the whole book is focused on. They both are based on true stories. Even though Friday Night Lights is about a football team and In These Girls, Hope Is A Muscle is about a basketball team, they have many things in common with each other. The setting for Friday Night Lights is on a football field for most of the time, and In These Girls, Hope Is A Muscle, is based mostly on a basketball court so far. Both of these teams are very dedicated to what they do and they have a passion for the sport. Neither of the teams ever gave up and they always gave everything they had to play. Both teams had a strong bond between all of the players and they all get along for the most part. They are both going after a dream that they all have to have a winning season and go to state and potentially win it. Both stories are revolved around the team obviously and how they are trying to go after something they have wanted for a really long time. The styles are both written in 3rd person which is nice because then you get to see the perspective of each character and what they are thinking throughout whatever conflict they may be in. Both of these stories are based on real life events which I like because it is interesting to see what those people had to go through to get to the point where they finished the season at. I would say both books should be read by teenagers because they can read about real life events and they have good themes and morals to them as well. Overall, I think this new book I have started is very good and is very similar to Friday Night Lights in multiple ways!

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  1. Can you tell any difference in the books because In These Girls, Hope Is A Muscle is older then Friday Night Lights?


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