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Monday, November 1, 2010

19 Minutes
Jodi Picoult
Pg. 455

My story is told in 3rd person omniscient. You get to read about the thoughts and feeling of multiple characters. The tone in this book is full of anger and regret. The point of view affects the tone because you get to read about all of the characters thoughts and opinions about the school shooting. Many people were not at the scene of the shooting, but their children, wives, husbands, were there as well. No one was happy with Peter and they all wanted him to go to jail, which he did. The tone of the many people were very harsh to him and Peter got the hint that no one wanted to speak to him ever again because of the actions he had made. There are multiple tones in this book, mostly sad, angry, and depressing tones. It creates a good affect from the point of view because you could see the impact of what Peter did through the words they say to other people. The point of view affects the plot because by having the book read in 3rd person omniscient the characters create many conflicts and you can see how they all react to those conflicts they have within one another. The plot is also affected by the point of view because you can find out how the people died from the school shooting. If it was only told in Peter's point of view, you would not have been able to find out what happened at the school shooting in Josie's perspective. Josie's view of the shooting helped them solve the case so that it why it was good to have the point of view be in 3rd person omniscient. I like how it is in 3rd person omniscient because then you get to see how everyone reacts to the shooting and how they handle their losses. I would not like it in 1st person because you would only get one characters point of view and that would make the story boring and not as good as it was with 3rd person omniscient!

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