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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tyler Allison - 11/10/10

Anthony Horowitz
Pg. 175

The antagonist in my book is the mob Scorpia. They are an organization that can basically make anything bad happe. If you want someone killed, they can make it happen withen a few days. They recently were offered a job to kill a bunch of celebreties that will all be on an island together. The leader of the opperation is a bad guy that they have been trying to learn about and catch for a long time. This is Alex Riders mision. to find all about this man and this new Scorpia operation. This man didnt really have a reason to start this opperation. I think that he is just a general bad guy that hates his life. If he wanted to stop what he does right now, he couldnt do it without getting killed. He knows too much information and will have to do this work for the rest of his life. I dont think that the end justifies the means for this man and agency. There is no reasoning for cold crime. I think that sometimes Scorpia and Major Yu are pretty saticfied with their jobs. If they arent saticfied they cant really do anything about it anyway.


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  1. I like all the description you put into this. It helped me visualize what was going on and why he was the antagonist. Is this book very good? I think I would like to read it.


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