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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Million-Dollar Throw
Mike Lupica
Pg. Done
So Nate and Abby are like best friends. Nate wins this contest to make a throm and win one million dollars, he also the starting qb of his football team. The problem is that he really wants Abby to see his games and be there when he makes the throm. Abby can see but she has some disease that wont allow her to see really far and this upsets Nate. He wants to help. Nate practices a bunch to make this throw, then on the big day, he makes it. Since he wants Abby's eye sight to get better he decides to spend the money on an expensive surgery that will really help her out. Nate is a friend and thats what friends do, help eachother.

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  1. Sounds really touching and why is he mad that she can't see it isn't her fault she can't but it was very nice of him to lend her the money to get it fixed. That is one awesome friend.


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