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Friday, November 12, 2010

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Paige Boston
Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix
by JK Rowling
pg 193

In Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, Harry is about to enter his 5th year of school at Hogwarts. He is struggling with the return of Lord Voledemort, a murderous wizard who killed his parents and many other people 15 years ago. Voldemort is motivated to kill all non pureblood wizards, and anyone else who stands in his way, in order to have power over the entire wizarding world. The deaths of others don't matter to him, and he often assigns his followers, also known as Death Eaters, to kill people for him. He manipulates innocent people or puts them under curses to obtain their services, and kills them off when they prove to be no longer useful. If he does reach his goal of being the most powerful person in the world, there will be few people left to appreciate his work, therefore not satisfying him.

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  1. Why are they called the Death Eaters when they don't necassarily eat death?? Voldemort is such a creepy guy. What kind of work does he have them do other than have them kill people? and, How is he going to be the most powerful person in the world and have people appreciate him, if they are all dead...?


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