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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

by Theodor Taylor

The antagonist named Thomas Hedgepeth in my book isn't told in detail that much. Back when Ben was born Ben's dad worked at a zoo with the lions. his daughter was mauled by a lion and Thomas sued but lost the case. Thomas then shot the defense attorney and was sent to jail. he is out of jail to get revenge for his daughter by killing Ben's dad. In his mind he thinks that by killing Ben's dad he will feel better but he only manages to kill a few of the big cats but never gets revenge. I don't think he could of lived with himself after he had gotten revenge but then again their isn't much detail about this character.

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  1. Thomas sounds like a very determined person and he wants what he wants and does not care about many other people. Why would Thomas sue lose the case? How long was Thomas in jail for before he got his revenge? Did he get in any trouble after he killed the big cats? Hope you enjoyed your book!


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