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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

aloysius tekippe

The things they carried
Tim O' Brian
pg. done

The main common enemy for the narrorator and all the other soldiers in the book is the effects of the war on their personalities and well being. The was is making evertone go nuts. They are all going crazy and most refuse to believe that the war is effecting them. Every time one of there own gets killed, they all refuse to beilieve that there dead and show them no compassion. Some of the soilders even committ suicide to end the madness that is Vietnam. Vietnam is like a never ending bad guy, al of the men feel like they are fighting it and also fighting for it.


  1. I would hate to be in a war. I think that i couldnt handle all of the trama and death around me. I wouldnt go as far as commiting suicide but i may try to leave or runaway. I would be a very scary situation.


  2. I think its good that its realized that something that is not living can be the enemy. I feel really bad for those that have passed, because if the other soldiers show no compassion its almost like they don't care. Except, they care enough about the cause they care fighting for to not go completely insane. It seems to be a plot where it all depends on the person and how they interpet the situation.

  3. I agree with Tyler I hate seeing death all around me. It would suck for those soldiers seeing some of there friends dieing from the war. It sucks for those people who committing suicide. But why don't the people show some kind of compassion for the fellow soldier that just die. I think everyone feels something when someone dies.


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