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Friday, November 5, 2010

Tyler Allison Blog - 11/5/10

Anthony Horowitz
Pg. 113

Snakehead is told from a 3rd person point of view. In the book it never says I or me. It says him or he. This helps get the story across more clear i think. This helps the tone by telling a story instead of a first hand account like in first person. I think if gives the author freedom in what he wrights. You can know and read more that one event that is going on. In my book this happens a lot. There are multiple stories going on and it helps add detail to the story. I like this a lot. I think that 3rd person reading is a lot more interesting to read. I think that it ads to the book with detail and makes the story more understandble. it is nice to know what your character is thinking. you wouldnt be able to know a lot of inside detail without 3rd person point of view. overall i really like this book and it is keeping me attatched and interested.


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