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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stormbreaker by:Anthony Horwitz

The major conflict now in the book is that Herod Sayle has invented this computer and is going to give it to every school in England. And people think it's great, but what they don't know is that Sayle has put a vile of Small Pox in the computer so when they're turned on for the first time the vile of small pox breakes and every school age kid in England dies. The antagonist is obviously Sayle because he is the person that wants to kill all of the kids in England. The ends do justify the means because the only way he can kill all of the school age kids is by giving them computers and having them think that he is a good person. I think that if he does kill all of those kids it wont make him feel better because he wants to hurt the people that bullied him in school not the kids that are in school now.


  1. You said you don't feel that sayle will be satisfied, so do you think he will try to make more catastrophies happen? When will he stop? Do you think what he is doing is right, even though he was bullied? Do you think his childhood made him into the person he is today?

  2. wow thats one very interesting sounding book. That would also be very complicated to make a computer that did that. how did he think of this idea? why would he want to kill ALL the kids? i think this kid need to go to the looney ben, just saying. But sounds like a good book.


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