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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Angels and Demons
By Dan Brown
Pg. 216

This book is told in third person omniscient, and I think it helps keep the book interesting. The tone is affected in a positive way because it tells the character's feelings about any situation. It helps the reader see if the scene is dramatic or not because the narrator gives them incite as to how the characters act. Since the plot is a mystery and has secrets, the point of view deeply affects the plot more than any other literary element. I don't think I would understand most of the things that take place in the book such as antimatter and all the other scientific things. The narrator gives a background of all those things and makes it easy to read and understand. Third person omniscient makes me enjoy this book because I like history and if the point of view changed, then there wouldn't be any background or history of the secret societies in the book like the Illuminati.

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