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Monday, November 29, 2010

Skeleton Key
Anthony Horowitz
pg 151

I am comparing Skeleton Key to Twilight, which I read this summer. Twilight is a romance. A violent romance, but a romance at that. The Alex Rider series has a little bit of romance in it but not much, since the main character is only 14 years old. I imagine if there were a book about his far future there would be quite a bit in it. He is a spy, and chicks dig the mysterious guy, right? Alex has a few similar qualities with Edward, like his secracy and his "good looks" (even though he's awful looking in the movie). The idea of wanting more knowledge about the past is present in both Bella and Alex. Bella wants to know about Edwards life and Alex wants to know about his family. Bella's dad is a police officer, which is somewhat comparable to a spy. The plots are completely different because, like I said, Twilight is a romance. Skeleton Key and all the Alex Rider books are action-adventure. They have many differances but some similarities also.

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  1. I myself could probaby read the Alex Rider series because I think I have read a book before, but there is o way you could ever get me to read any books from The Twiglight series. Im sure since they are by different authors it was a little harder to find a similar book. Also, twighlight is about vampires and I dont believe Alex Rider is. Anyways, have you enjoyed the Alex Rider book or is it kinda boring?


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