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Friday, November 5, 2010

Sam's Letters To Jennifer

Paige Boston
Sam's Letters To Jennifer
by James Patterson
pg 65

This story is told from Jennifer's point of view. She is the main character who narrates the events of her life after she learns that her beloved grandmother, Sam is in a coma. She travels to Lske Geneva, the resort community where her Sam lives to see her, and relives memories of her childhood upon visiting her grandparent's house. While she is there, she finds letters that her Sam has written to her and begins to read them slowly. The letters are told from Sam's point of view, and they illustrate the events of Sam's life after she marries Jennifer's grandfather. I like the way that this story is told, especially when the viewpoint changes as Sam's letters are being read. Jennifer reads the letters in small groups, taking breaks after reading a few. This creates suspense, but also gives me time to see what is happening in Jennifer's life.


  1. Question #1: Why is Sam referred to as "her Sam"? Just wondering.
    Question #2: Why would Sam write letters to Jennifer? Are they really close? Is there something that Jennifer needs to know about her grandmother?

  2. i liked this book it was so good! i recommend it to you so i hope you like it. my favorite person in the book was Brandon because he is so cute, but you will meet him later on in the book. I hope you enjoy the book like i did.


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