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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Quarter 2 Blog 12/3

John Grisham
Playing For Pizza
page 13
This book is nothing like the books I usually read. Most of the time I will read books that look suspenseful or have plots with a lot of twists. Also, in many of the books I have recently read there is another story being told in random chapters throughout the book, that will eventually tie into the ending. This book however, is about a football player who can't seem to make it in the NFL. At this point it seems like it's going to be a simple story line focused on him and his career. The only thing the books may have in common is the setting. The football player can't make it in America's NFL so he eventually is going to play in Italy, where some parts of my last book took place.


  1. Haha i was kind of surprised to see that your reading a book about the NFL and football players.:) Is it hard going from a suspenseful book to a simple book. Does it lose your attention a lot?

  2. This sounds like your kind of book considering it is set in Italy. I kind of agree that this book seems more simple but the double story ones sound more interesting! I hope you like this one, though.


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