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Friday, November 5, 2010

Quarter 2, Blog Number 3

Kyle Weber
Bill Romanowski
Pgs. 100-125
The book is in first person, told through the point of view of Bill Romanowski. There isn't really a plot, so it doesn't contribute to that aspect. He goes back and tells of his experiences. It wouldn't be the same if it were told in a third person point of view, so it moves the story along. It makes it more interesting, making it fun to read, or at least as fun as a book can be, which isn't a whole lot. But nevertheless, this book is told in first person, is a decent book, and can contribute to the overall appeal to a reader.


  1. How would the story be affected if it was told in 3rd person?

  2. So he is going back and retelling things that he has done in the past? or from a viewpoint of someone else who was in the situation? Its sounds like the book is boring for you. I wouldn't be able to read something that couldn't hold my attention for even short periods of time. I hope it gets better for you and isn't so boring

  3. There is always a plot, or storyline, in a book. Without that, there would be no book.


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