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Monday, November 29, 2010

Summer Ball
Mike Lupica
PG. 60
I would compare this book to Travel Team by Mike Lupica. They are the same author and, same characters. As I started reading I found out that this book is a sequel to Travel Team. It been a few years since I have read Travel Team, but from the most previous books I have read all the styles are pretty same. All the genres are realistic-fiction. All Mike's book are about sports. This one happens to be about basketball, as is Travel Team. They also share a conflict, Danny Walker is to short, so no one wants him on there basketball team.


  1. It seems like you like to read about sports a lot which is good! Is Danny good at basketball? Or do they just not want him on the team only because he is short? If so, I do not agree with that because many short players can be very good at basketball. Sounds like you like your book, hope you enjoy the rest of it!

  2. Have you read all of Mike's books yet? Do you still remember what happened in the travel team since this book is the sequel.Danny Walker reminds me of Kyle Weber.

  3. I compared mine to travel team. I like reading underdog stories like that. I agree with Parker, Kyle and Danny are similar. Are you going to read all of his books?


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